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The K9, named after elite international dog units, represents the cutting edge of the sport, with competition-grade materials, radical styling, and innovations built on pro-rider feedback from each season. With this aggressive emphasis on continual marginal gains, The K9 series pushes the limits of performance so our athletes can push the limits of the possible. Read the K9 test.

  • Aluminium buckles with micro-adjustment and inverted lower buckle for tighter turns and bigger jumps
  • 40 mm power strap for added control
  • Grab loops front and back for easy tongue and inner adjustment
  • Moldable inner-boot with Ultralon moldable foam provides individual custom fit around ankle for extra support and control
  • Shock absorbing heel for big landings
  • Sled Dogs sizes 8 – 13
  • White/blue

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K9 Green

$599.00 $450.00

This is our top breed and these are the dogs of a great master.

  • The combination of materials makes the breed very versatile for speed, tricks, jumps and general.
  • Custom-made inverted adjustable aluminium buckles for strength and endurance.
  • An upgraded inner boot with impact TM inner sole for soft landings.
  • There is also a power strap for added support.
This Snow Skates design is only available in green and white colors.
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The Hygen, named after a Norwegian pedigree famed for its strong nerves and resilience, is bred for speed and endurance, with related features that make it more specialised than the all-round Halden.

  • Aluminium buckles with micro-adjustment for superior quality, fit, and endurance
  • 35 mm power strap for added control
  • Grab loops front and back for easy tongue and inner adjustment
  • Firmer material/construction for extra stability at speed
  • Sled Dogs sizes 5 – 13
  • Racing red

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Lunde Snow Skates


The Lunde, named after a Norwegian breed known for its luxuriant fur and extraordinary agility, is designed especially for female riders, in response to demand for an even warmer, extra-comfortable boot.

  • Aluminium buckles with micro-adjustment for superior quality, fit, and endurance
  • 35 mm power strap for added control
  • Grab loops front and back for easy tongue and inner adjustment
  • Super soft and warm, fluffy inner-boot material
  • Sled Dogs sizes 6 – 10 female (5 – 9 unisex)
  • White/Grey

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The Halden, named after one of Norway’s friendliest dog-breeds, is our friendliest and most practical model and is perfect for beginners and casual users.

  • Plastic buckles
  • 35 mm powerstrap for added control
  • Grab loop for easy tongue adjustment
  • Black/White
  • General Sizing (XS, S, M, L)
  • XS – Size 3-4
  • S – Size 5-7
  • M – Size 8-10 (Sold Out)
  • L – Size 11-13

A very good pair of dogs and our most affordable model.
Don’t let the price fool you – this is our trusty Norwegian original and they also look great with the black and white colour contrast. As with all Sled Dogs breeds the Halden comes with bases with steel edges for great bite on the slopes.

*The dynamic thermal liner features a flexible toe section which stretches to accommodate foot size variations and the natural swelling of feet during prolonged activity.
This is a breed that can be used by both men and women.
The Halden is available in size XS – L / 2,5 – 12,5 Unisex / 35 – 47 EURO / 210 MM – 310 MM.

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Easy Wax


Easy-Apply Universal Liquid Wax with fluor. No heating required, suitable for all snow conditions. Improves glide and protects base. Apply evenly to the base. Allow 2 minutes to dry. For best results use a polishing cork. Specially designed for Sled Dogs Snowskates, but can safely be used for skis, snowboard, cross-country etc.

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Doggie Walkers – PRE ORDER ONLY


  • The Doggie Walkers is a great way to protect the bases of your dogs.
  • It has a rubber sole with good bite for traction
  • It has straps to secure it around the boot.
  • This is great to use when walking on pavement, gravel, stone floors etc.
  • This is a winner for After Skiing!

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Dog House – White


A Professional Dog House for your dogs!

The Dog house has extra strong material in the rooms where you keep your dogs, to prevent your dogs biting their way out!

  • Uses a practical design that comprises room for your dogs on each side
  • Has a big compartment in the middle for accessories like gloves, helmet etc.
  • The Dog House comes with a small separate compartment with zipper inside to keep valuables.
  • It has extra padding towards your back.
  • Stronger material is used to make this professional bag, which makes it easier to wash and more durable.

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